NYE Dance Songs Even Kids Will Love

Ring in 2014 with a party playlist from a 10-year-old

Little do your littles know: Your party playlists are legendary. And little do they care. If you want to impress them, turn to a DJ who calls 2011 “back in the day.”

Ten-year-old Fulano Librizzi (a.k.a. DJ Fulano) has performed everywhere from the Diane von Furstenberg runway to Madison Square Garden — and he created this New Year’s playlist just for us.

(Note: The mini mixmaster has sophisticated taste. We linked to Kidz Bop versions of his picks where available. We know: So uncool, Mom.)

DJ Fulano’s Top Jams for New Year’s 2014

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say),” by Ylvis
(Everybody is obsessed with this song, and it’s really funny because the lyrics are so ridiculous.)

We Can’t Stop,” by Miley Cyrus
(This song is the perfect party song because she is singing about a party.)

Strike It Up,” by Black Box
(This song is upbeat and from the 1990s. I love music from this time.)

Royals,” by Lorde
(It has a great beat, and I love her voice.)

The Way,” by Ariana Grande, featuring Mac Miller
(Ariana Grande’s singing is great, and Mac Miller gives a great rap.)

Thrift Shop,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
(I still love this song after a year of playing it. It always gets a crowd moving and is really unique for hip-hop.)

Firework,” by Katy Perry
(I think Katy Perry did such a good job with this song, and it’s perfect for the New Year celebration.)

Take Back the Night,” by Justin Timberlake
(It’s a hot groove, and I like how Justin Timberlake sings. I really like classic soul, and this song reminds me of that type of music. He’s awesome.)

It Takes Two,” by Rob Base
(This song is from way back in the day, and it’s a hip-hop classic that makes the kids and parents dance.)

Whip My Hair,” by Willow
(This is a great song, and Willow should make more music. If you want to bounce on the bed and throw pillows and shake your head like a rock star, this is the right song!)

Off the Wall,” by Michael Jackson
(Everyone dances to Michael Jackson. Plus, kids are going to be off-the-wall excited.)

Mr. Saxobeat (Maan Studio Remix),” by Alexandra Stan
(This dance song is fast-paced and gets everyone dancing. I play it at a lot of my gigs.)

Celebration,” by Kool & the Gang
(Play this right as you bring in the New Year.)

Party Rock Anthem,” by LMFAO
(I met Red-foo and we have the same hairstyle and I happen to like his music.)

Find out more about Librizzi and his latest gigs at fulanosworld.com.

Photo: Brand New Images / Getty Images