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How we’ve missed St. Vincent’s quirky tunes

When last we heard singer Annie Clark’s vibrant voice, it was in collaboration with David Byrne on Love This Giant. She returns with a teaser single from her upcoming album (out in February) that is what wed expect and so much more: She starts us off with Oh, what an ordinary day. Take out the garbage, masturbate.”

Continue the musical foreplay with Phantogram’s silky R&B track from the new full-length, Voices (also out in February), then fall under the spell of Volcano Choir (with Justin Vernon on lead vocals) and Destroyer (crooning in Spanish).

Birth in Reverse,” by St. Vincent

Crawl,” by Childish Gambino

Thunder Clatter,” by Wild Cub

Asleep at the Wheel,” by Band of Skulls

Mind Mischief (Ducktails Remix),” by Tame Impala

Done Wrong (Opiuo Remix),” by Pretty Lights

Fall in Love,” by Phantogram

Crystallized,” by Young the Giant

Comrade,” by Volcano Choir

El Rito,” by Destroyer

Listen to the playlist on Spotify. For more information on St. Vincent and to download “Birth in Reverse,” go to ilovestvincent.com.

Photo: Renata Raksha / Shore Fire Media