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Greyston Bakes Brownies for a Good Cause

Feel-good food for the holidays

What’s better than chocolate? Chocolate for a good cause.

Quell your cravings with brownies from Greyston. For more than three decades, the Bronx, New York-founded nonprofit has provided community members with opportunities to lead self-sustaining lives — namely, housing and employment at the company’s bakery.

You’re likely familiar with its tried-and-true recipe: Belgian chocolate- and salted butter-laden brownies, which star in Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half-Baked ice creams (yes, really). Now it’s time to get cozy (and gifty) with other flavors, too.

Chocolate fudge, caramel-tinged brown sugar blondie, mint fudge, and walnut fudge come in two-, eight-, and twelve-piece gift boxes. Throw in a jar of caramel if you’re feeling extra sweet. All proceeds fund even more do-gooding.

Starting next year, the bakery team — currently 85 strong — will expand to support the production of cookie thins for Brooklyn’s Whole Foods stores. They go nationwide in 2014.

Chew on that.

Available at store.greyston.com, $7-$35. To donate, go to greyston.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Greyston