Shop Indie Designers at Bread Studio

A feast for the senses


They say man can’t live on bread alone.

But he is forever fulfilled if he shops at Bread Studio.

Founder/jewelry designer Michelle Lane’s curated international marketplace brings little-known socially and politically conscious artists to the fore.

Her shop’s diverse offerings range from decor (woven furniture; light fixtures made of recycled crystals and glass; and Bulgarian designer Marina Dragomirova’s repurposed wine and cocktail glasses with interchangeable magnetic stems) to accessories (Swatch Award winner Milko Boyarov’s jellyfish-inspired plexiglass jewelry, Neva Balnikova’s woven leather collars).


Also in the mix are multicolored pouches (they double as pillowcases) from Cistanthe’s Bailey Hunter, who works with traditional craftspeople in India.

Lane plans to add to the shop over the coming months, so check back often.

And save your dough.

Available at breadstudio.us, $60-$2,700.

Photos: Courtesy of Bread Studio