Outfit Your Home with Leah Singh Textiles

Pillow talk just got prettier

leah singh!

Obsessed as we are with all things handmade, it’s easy to forget that traditional crafts are a dying breed.

Designer Leah Singh’s textiles are an attempt to reverse that trend.

Born in India, Singh studied at Parsons before returning to Delhi to work directly with artisans who are uniformly undervalued and financially degraded.

Simultaneously subtle and pronounced, her spring line, which debuts today, pushes her love of color and shapes (namely triangles, for their ability to look soft or hard) without being overly graphic or loud. The desert landscape of her mother’s hometown in Rajasthan inspired the dusty palette (muted turquoise, sand, mauve, sea blue, mahogany, and purple, with pops of black).

Thanks to the artisans’ varied, detail-driven techniques, Singh has the freedom to create dramatic patterns: Bar, Zimbabwe, and Scarpa pillows are hand embroidered and chain stitched; Mave shows off handwoven techniques from Rajasthan; Zoe’s block printing is done in Jaipur.

Singh visits the artisans in their communities, so the process is personal and collaborative. If a pillow isn’t crafted the way she imagined, she lets it be, prioritizing the spirit and handiwork of the weavers over her vision.

And understanding that it takes a village.

Available at leahsingh.com, $95-$150.

Photos: Courtesy of Leah Singh