ThirstyMud Mask Hits the (Dry) Spot

GlamGlow’s latest treatment moisturizes overnight

A man with a British accent hands us an unmarked white container from inside a motor home parked along one of the busiest tourist areas in NYC. First thought: stranger danger.

And then we recognize the smooth talker as Glenn Dellimore, co-founder of Hollywood skin care company GlamGlow. Inside the jar? His new creation, ThirstyMud hydrating mask.

Before he has a chance to say, “This is the same thing we give J.Lo,” we’re hooked.

The honey-tinted, coconut-scented treatment smooths on like a night cream but leaves your face glistening and wet. (You’ll be tempted to keep touching, but don’t.)

While the formula absorbs, ginger root detoxes pores. Minuscule clay particles soak up water and hold it below the skin’s surface. Liquid acids (hyaluronic and citric) deep dive for long-lasting moisture.

Leave it on overnight; wake up looking like you just checked out of a Malibu spa.

This one’s a star.

Available at glamglowmud.com, $69.

Photo: Courtesy of GlamGlow