Design It Yourself at Print All Over Me

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print all over me!

Since your last series of Pinterest- and wine-fueled DIY projects ended in an intervention, you’ve been channeling your energy through less-inspired outlets (ordering takeout, thinking about cats).

Earn back your creative stripes (or spots or kaleidoscopic patterns) at Print All Over Me, a new design platform from the team behind Byco and clothing line JF & Son.

The process is practically foolproof. Just sign in, pick a canvas (a seasonal lineup of blank clothing, home goods, and accessories), and upload a pattern. A preview of your creation loads automatically, and if you find it sufficiently awesome, you hit submit. The team there handles the printing and shipping, so you’re free to brush up on Photoshop and MS Paint skills for future tees, totes, and caps.

If you prefer to keep it simple with a photo of your poodle or your favorite selfie, go for it just stay on the right side of the law (i.e., don’t swipe copyrighted images) and don’t get raunchy. Your button-down, pillow, or sweatsuit then lives in the site’s store for other users to purchase.

Apart from the artistic satisfaction, you can also earn some cash: When someone buys your brilliant concept, you get a percentage of the sale. Feel free to spend it on copies for your buds or at a bar or craft store.

Just not in that order.

Available at printallover.me.

Photo: Courtesy of Print All Over Me