Sundance, It’s All Gravy

Where to eat and drink between screenings

sundance crawl!

You just burned 300 calories reading subtitles. Refuel at one of these gastronomical stations, strategically grouped by adjacent theater.

Salt Lake City
If you weren’t lucky enough to score lodging in Park City, you’re probably shacking up in SLC. Here’s the good news: You’re the lucky one. You get to stop at The Original Pancake House on your way and stuff your face with a stack. The bad: There will be a wait.

The Egyptian Theatre
Aptly named Main Street is Park City’s main drag. It’s lit up like Christmas, packed with places to eat and drink, and ends at The Egyptian Theatre. Let’s start here, since it’s near the box office, where you’ll be picking up tickets anyway.

Before your screening, head to Java Cow to pet the porcelain bovine and grab a coffee. When the end credits roll, hightail it to just-opened Rock & Reilly’s for mini corn dogs, a truffle burger, and the Cookie Jar. Say hi to Loosey the moose on your way up the hill to Wasatch Brew Pub & Brewery for a crafty Devastator. (Tip: Alternate swallows with sips of ice water — the lager is 8 percent alcohol.)

Library Center Theatre

Make sure you score a screening in the Library. It’s the best excuse to hike (tip: a quarter mile is a hike at this altitude) to Old Town’s High West Distillery & Saloon. Leaving from the Town Lift? You’re even closer. Reward hungry bellies with steak house fare and toast the hood’s liberal liquor license with flights of white and rye whiskey.

The Yarrow Hotel Theatre and Holiday Village 4 Cinemas
Holiday is usually reserved for press and industry screenings, but you may find yourself at The Yarrow. Afterward, hop on a bar stool and choose a brew at Squatters (Chasing Tail’s a winner). Follow an early screening with the Roadhouse Skillet: hash browns, cheese, eggs, veggies, and sausage gravy (tip: get your egg runny and your gravy plentiful). Lunchtime (or the playoffs) calls for chicken wings and mac ’n’ cheese.

sundance crawl!

Eccles Theatre
Eccles is your best bet if you’re wait listing (which has finally made its way online; sign up here). It’s attached to the high school and seats more than 1,200. But the closest fueling station is Pizza Hut. Been there, done that. (Tip: Don’t do that.) Head a few streets over to El Chubasco for horchata and a taco salad the size of Michael Fassbender’s fake head. (Tip: Go after the noonish lunch rush.)

Prospector Square Theatre
The theater shares Sidewinder Drive with Grub Steak, a cowgirl’s paradise equipped with a fireplace, Western decor, and waitstaff that says y’all. Forgo the menu for the buffet and make-your-own sandwich bar. (Tip: Order a side of gravy for dipping. Just do it.) Feeling meaty? There’s elk for that.

Temple Theatre
Temple feels a world away, even though it’s only about five miles from Main Street. Orient yourself at perpetually packed Drafts with snacks like tatchos (tater tot nachos), fried Oreos, and beer flights on a snowboard. Plus, it’s right there on the ski lift for prime ski-boy watching. (Tip: Ride the gondola even if you’re not skiing down it. It’s very much fun.)

Even if the skies open up to a blizzard, find a way to gorge at Loco Lizard Cantina. It serves the best Mexican food in the city but is never crowded (weird). Order the Locoest Burrito with a mango margarita and call it a meal.

There’s nothing here but snow and regret. Stock your water bottle with something boozy and eat your leftovers.

Photos: Jason Merritt / Getty Images; DeAnna Janes / DailyCandy