What to Watch Tonight: Sundance Edition

Festival favorites inspired by this year’s lineup

Let’s play a game.

We choose a must-see film from this year’s Sundance lineup and match it with a winner from years past. The rules: It has to be available instantly and must share a theme, director, or old-school-but-still-really-famous rapper.

Reader with the most indie cred wins.

Wish I Was Here -> Garden State
Same tone. Different characters. All Zach Braff.
Garden State is streaming on Amazon Instant.

Boyhood -> Before Trilogy
All of the above trace back to director Richard Linklater. His trilogy spanned eighteen years. His latest buzzed-about indie covers twelve. The man has patience.
The Before trilogy is streaming on Amazon Instant.

The Voices -> The Future
Though tonally distinct, these two share a bond, and that bond has four legs.
The Future is streaming on Netflix.

I Origins -> Another Earth
Cast Brit Marling, win awards. Make another movie, cast Brit Marling again. Good call, Mike Cahill.
Another Earth is available on demand on the Sundance Channel.

what to watch tonight!

White Bird in a Blizzard -> Kaboom
The common thread here? Writer/director Gregg Araki. And the inevitable What the hell did we just watch? feeling that follows every Araki film.
Kaboom is streaming on Netflix.

Song One -> Once
Anne Hathaway stars in the film reminiscent of the 2006 Sundance gem. Bonus: Jenny Lewis and her hubby do the music for Song One.
Once is streaming on Amazon Instant.

They Came Together -> Wet Hot American Summer
Because Not Another Teen Movie isn’t a member of Sundance. Plus, these two bookend director David Wain’s trips to the festival.
Wet Hot American Summer is streaming on Amazon Instant.

Ludacris Is Performing -> Hustle & Flow
So his performing at the fest is not a movie, but it could be. We’ll let ya kn-kn-kn-know if it’s a fan-ta-sy. In the meantime, get in the mood with Skinny Black.
Hustle & Flow is streaming on Netflix.

Sundance runs January 16 to 26. Find more festival films you can watch now at
sundance.org. For more coverage, follow us on Instagram, flip through our must-sees, or go on a Park City pub crawl.

Photos: Courtesy of Everett Collection; Lawrence Sher; Courtesy of Sundance