Raise Readers with Zoobean

A monthly book and app delivery tailored to your tot


Ask any parent to recommend a children’s book and you get the same familiar answers.

Ask kids what they like to read and no two responses are alike (who even knew that dump truck-driving dragon princesses were a thing?).

Build your tot a library as unique as she is with Zoobean, a subscription service that sends kids books based on their personalities.

To start, choose hardcover or paperback and the type of membership (three-, six-, or twelve-month or ongoing). Then share a bit about your child: age, gender, reading level (from board books to independent readers), and preferred characters (people, animals, humanoids) and genres. Favorites include Not So Pink Girls and Daring to Be Different.


Books arrive addressed to your little reader with the title of your choosing (e.g., Little Miss Harper Lee, Prince Nathaniel Hawthorne), making the experience all the more personal. Along with the books, parents get emails with related activities and app suggestions. There’s even a $3 digital-only option that includes the perks but lets you buy the books yourself.

What more could you ask for?

Available at zoobean.com, $3-$189.

Photos: Courtesy of Zoobean