Deck Your Walls with XO Gray Malin Designs

Colorful, photo-based wallpapers to chase the mehs away

xo gray malin wallpaper!

Life’s a beach. Somewhere.

Meanwhile, you’re as frozen as a Minnesota lake in late January.

Shake off winter with a lively new wallpaper collaboration from photographer Gray Malin and textile company Black Crow Studios.

Black Crow founder Tracy Hiner and Malin’s story is a familiar one: The two met through friends who thought the L.A.-based, Dallas-born creatives should know each other. Turns out they were right. Hiner took one look at Malin’s photos, snapped from Bolivia to Africa to Chicago, and her textile-savvy heart skipped a beat.

Their brainchild, XO Gray Malin, brings levity, color, and whimsy to your walls by way of spirited wallpapers. Aerial shots — from straw canopy-covered Dubai beaches and rainbow-flecked shores of Lisbon to snowcapped Aspen treetops and skiers (tiny as ants) zooming down black diamonds — translate seamlessly into dynamic patterns (and effortlessly pep up any space).

xo gray malin wallpaper!

Malin travels constantly for work; Hiner hopes to fashion an Antarctica series in the coming months. Keep an eye out for works from La Dolce Vita, too (think retro-inspired beaches along Italy’s coast).

Papers are printed to order and come in both permanent and self-adhesive polyester fabric (perfect for renters).

Now you’re in the swim of things.

Available at shopblackcrow.com, $350-$499 per roll. DailyCandy readers save 30 percent with promo code DAILYCANDY at checkout.

Photos: Courtesy of Black Crow Studios