Shop Decor ’Til You Drop at Hunters Alley

Buy and sell via One Kings Lane’s sister site

hunters alley!

When it comes to feeding yourself, you’re more gatherer than hunter.

Decorating is another story.

Your next target: Hunters Alley, the new site from One Kings Lane’s co-founders. The peer-to-peer marketplace takes shoppers on a virtual design time warp — from Eames to Miller and back again.

How it works: Have a cool-but-you’re-over-it/you’ve-outgrown-it piece (furniture, jewelry, vintage book, textile)? Create a username and password and run the piece by the pros at Hunters. If you get their seal of approval, you set a price and send photos. They generously retouch the main image so your item looks its best and post your sale within five days. Then you wait for the buyers to come a-sniffing.

If your piece isn’t purchased within 30 days, you can repost (and tweak the pricing as needed). If it’s snatched up, your work is done: Hunters Alley handles the rest, from pickup to delivery.

On the shopping end, we have one word for you: Beware. Daily sales, curated collections, and easy browsing (by category and what’s trending) make it almost too easy to buy that pair of $21,000 mahogany nightstands. And just easy enough to grab The Maxims of Methuselah, a book from the early 20th century.

An English teakettle, a ’20s-era enamel warehouse light, art deco jewelry, and Moroccan rugs round out the selection.

They aim to please.

Available at huntersalley.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Hunters Alley