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Save Snacks (Sustainably) with Food Huggers

Produce and jar covers that are cute and colorful

food huggers!

If you overheard the last sentence I uttered — “Baby, can I hug your onion?” — you would probably have me committed.

In my defense, I’d already hugged a lemon and an avocado; this felt like the natural next step.

Let me backtrack. Food Huggers, a genius kitchen product from industrial designer Michelle Ivankovic and marketing whiz Adrienne McNicholas, is to blame for my recent affections.

food huggers!

Made of rainbow-bright, BPA-free silicone, the discs are built to seal (a.k.a. hug) everything from lime and tomato halves to topless jars and unfinished cans of beans. If you’re not convinced, just count the number of times you’ve cursed the heavens when handling plastic wrap.

It’s a win-win-win. I reduce landfill-clog and food waste and add pep to my fridge.

I never know who will see it.

Available at food-huggers.myshopify.com, $14-$19.

food huggers!

Photos: Courtesy of Food Huggers