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Napkins, tea towels, pillows, aprons, and totes

nell and mary!

We love a good Portland joke.

But there’s no denying the glory of wiping your mouth with a hand-sewn, made-in-the-USA chambray napkin (we’re only half-kidding).

Cornering the handmade/hipster market: Nell & Mary, a charming Oregon design studio cranking out seriously sweet home accents.

Scoff not at sisters Krista and Leah Stovel and Avery Bloom (Leah’s husband) — the trio knows design. Their latest collection is flush with utilitarian materials (cotton, canvas) and built to last.

nell and mary!

Invite spring in a bit early with apricot-colored tea towels printed with papayas, mangoes, and guavas; take a savory route with ramps, favas, and fiddlehead ferns in mint. The napkins — squares in indigo or gray chambray, with white brushstrokes, mountains, and line-drawn feathers — go with just about any color scheme (we recommend mixing and matching).

Cooks and hosts may delight in two types of apron. The standard kitchen style wears a brushstroke print; the work apron — it sits on the waist — wears a splatter. Either way, you’ll rest all the sounder on a patterned pillow.

They make totes, too.

Just our bag.

Available at nellandmary.com, $20-$85.

nell and mary!

Photos: Courtesy of Nell and Mary