Raddish Recipe Boxes Make Cooking a Family Affair

A special delivery of kid-friendly recipes, games, and more

raddish kids!

On our best days, we like to think our family dinners are a love story. But too often we’re scrambling just to put together an edible haiku.

Raddish is out to do a rewrite.

L.A.’s Samantha Barnes (founder of mobile culinary classroom and summer camp Kitchen Kid) dreamed up the monthly subscription package stocked with tools to make prepping, cooking, and eating more fun and interactive.

raddish kids!

Each box centers on a seasonal theme and has recipes and activities for three family meals. Cheerful illustrations lead kids ages 3 and older through the cooking process, table talk games provide an alternative to “How was your day?” snoozefests, and a shopping list simplifies Sunday chores.

After helping with dishes such as panzanella salad, pizza, and no-bake apple tarts, littles can proudly iron the included patch onto their Raddish apron — adding a new badge with each box they complete. They’ll build kitchen confidence, and you’ll get a constant stream of new recipe ideas.

Helping weeknights end more nutritiously, deliciously ever after.

Available at raddishkids.com, $20-$24 a month.

Photos: Courtesy of Raddish Kids