Big Primpin’: Men’s Facial Hair

The guys’ grooming guide

Hey, good looking.

So he can grow a full, lush beard that makes patchy-faced men weep. That’s only half the battle. Keep stray hairs in line — and prevent split ends — with weekly trims using this scissor-and-clipper method.

Mr. Natty knows his way around a mustache. Watch him define the middle part with a quick V-shape snip and demonstrate three styles (natural, handlebar, ace fighter pilot) with a bit of shaping wax.

Sometimes he needs a clean start. Shave face with a four-step process (prepare, lather, raze, moisturize) that caters to sensitive skin.

Got a handle on hair? Now learn how to drink scotch like a pro, make a shelf out of tubing, and assemble the yummiest fish taco.