Nastia Liukin on What to Watch Tonight

Witness a “Miracle” from the couch


Ask someone what her favorite movie is, and her first instinct is to impress you with something like Run Lola Run or 2001: a Space Odyssey. Ask her what her guilty pleasure movie is and you get the truth.

With guest editor Nastia Liukin, we got straight to the point and loved her answer: Miracle.

Disney knows how to hatch goose bumps (The Mighty Ducks, anyone?). And with Miracle, they’re out in record numbers. Set during the height of the Cold War, the underdog story stars Kurt Russell as Coach Brooks, the man who turned a ragtag crew into champion playmakers while uniting a country.

Miracle is skating with an advantage. Director Gavin O’Connor is a pro with bottom-dog stories, a truth confirmed seven years after Miracle with Warrior (now streaming on Netflix). The heart he extracts from his actors, his strategic use of sound track, and his ability to make audiences believe they’ve witnessed the impossible are legitimately sublime.

And worthy of the big leagues.

Miracle is available at amazon.com, $3-$15. To learn more about Liukin, see what fills her DVR, then get the lowdown on Michael Phelps.

Photos: Getty Images; Courtesy of Everett Collection