Going Postal

Greetings from nowhere …

Bored and thinking of you.

Who ever said postcards had to come from exotic locales?

You know the scene: It’s 3 p.m. and the afternoon at work is dragging.

Instant gratification: NetPost Cardstore, an online outpost (pun intended) of the United States Postal Service. Download your favorite pictures, add a witty line or two, and — presto! — a card is born.

Want to be a jet-setter? Be creative. Scan a photo of yourself onto an image of a far-off sultry isle. Or blackmail a loved one with a hideously embarrassing moment captured on film. There are rules against sending unsealed porn, but if you absolutely must (tsk, tsk), folded cards are available too.

Net Post also does mass mailings. All you have to do is upload your address book from Microsoft Excel or Outlook. Stamps? Mailboxes? Who needs ’em. This is a better way to do business.

If, that is, you ever get back to work.

Go to cardstore.com to check it out.