Bag Check

People rarely go in for idle chitchat after four hours and 57 minutes of red-eye hell. Even the obligatory, grumbled “Thanks, bye” to the flight attendants can be a chore.

So when we were recently approached with a smile (no, cash tip was not the motive) about our duffle bag, we felt pretty damn smart.

We resisted the “Aw, this ol’ thing?” response and fessed up without shame: J. Crew. A cute-as-can-be be little number that handles the indignities of air travel with far more grace than we could ever muster, it comes in checkered or plaid versions and isn’t nearly as spenny as that LV set you’ve been eyeing. Meaning you can use that extra dough to cram it full of any unnecessary purchases you accrue during your travels.

And the next time somebody starts talking to you about your luggage in baggage claim, do what we do: politely move to the other side of the carousel.

Available online at jcrew.com.