Food & Drink

Finger-Licking Good

The finger puppet. Such a brilliant little concept. So simple. So fun. Unfortunately, a tad constraining. There’s only so much enjoyment one can get out of three little sockettes covering the digits. (Hello, ADD nation!)

Why limit yourself to the traditional felt version? Bring on the yummy stuff! Bring on the sugar rush! What more ingenious playtime activity than the edible finger puppet? You play with them for two minutes and then — lick! — they’re gone.

The “recipe” is crazy easy — and delish enough to guarantee a serious round of kiddie smiles.


  • Pre-made frosting
  • M&Ms or raisins
  • Sprinkles
  • Licorice string


  • Dip finger of choice into tub of frosting.
  • Apply two raisins or two M&Ms for eyes.
  • Dip tip of finger into sprinkles. (Look! The darn thing has hair!) Feel free to experiment with punk-rock coif or mullet.
  • And last, but not least, the smile. Apply licorice string in upward or downward curve, mood and drama depending.

    Play out scene of choice (if patience allows).

    Insert finger into mouth.