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Bootie Pageant

You don’t have to be Freud to know that kids like to throw stuff on the ground. Food, crayons, toys, cups, flatware, books … and, of course, their own shoes.

Sandra Wilson knew this all too well, having a toddler herself. Tired of stooping down every few minutes to retrieve far-flung footwear, she created Robeez (nicknamed after her son, Robert), an adorable line of leather booties that slip on — but not off. Made for babies and toddlers of both genders, they feature skid-resistant soles and come in 54 cute-as-heck designs, including daisy, duck, stars and stripes, frog, pink kitty, and rocket. Each pair is carefully made by hand at the Robeez factory, and, most importantly, requires the assistance of a parent or guardian to remove.

Which should at least give you some time to pick up all that other stuff.

Available online at robeez.com.