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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Whatever happened to Cindy Lou Who? Or, for that matter, the Whosits, the Whatsits, and that hat-loving Cat?

Think back to your pre-Internet days, when the best way to find an old friend was to crack open a love-worn Dr. Seuss tome. Bet you’d like to get the kids in on the fun. If only you could get them to log off for a few minutes …

No need. Kids have moved with the times, and so (in his infinite wisdom) has Dr. Seuss — straight to Seussville.com. The doctor’s basic prescription hasn’t changed much; there are plenty of rhyming word games and subtle messages of acceptance and openness. But his new interactive format just may seduce your post-Google offspring. Before you know it, your little technophiles will be strapping on stripey thinking caps for a round of the One Fish, Two Fish matching game or helping the Fox find his troublesome Sox. Not to mention investigating that age-old dilemma … Just how did the Grinch make off with Christmas?

Check out seussville.com.