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Welcome to the first official installment of DailyCandy Kids. Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve now gone weekly! And congrats on being one of our inaugural subscribers (you trendsetter!). On that note, we invite you to become one of our ambassadors to DailyCandy Kids. Spread the word! E-mail your friends. Pass it around the school. Show parents across the nation that you saw it here first! And enjoy!


Seems to be all about getting your name in bright lights. Boldface print. You do what you can.

And when all else fails, the common folk rely on the old standby: personalization of everything. Stationery, totes, jewelry, and toilet paper.

And now your wee ones.

No, we’re not suggesting you tattoo your tot — though some of you might, deservingly, be that proud.

We’re talking about monogrammed baby clothes. Stefani Toonkel, creator of the much-clamored-for Priorities tees, has launched Peach Fuzz, a custom clothing line for kids. The collection includes onesies, bucket hats, polos, baseball raglans, and, of course, T-shirts. Available in lots of colors (that precious bundle is too young to wear black!), the clothes can be monogrammed with single initials (very Laverne) or three letters (very hand towel circa 1973).

So the moment your progeny is discovered in Hollywood, you can rest assured that everyone will know his or her name.

Available online at peachfuzznyc.com.