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No wonder you love your pet. Recent studies have shown that your little critter is good for your sanity.

But — dog nabbit — why, oh why can’t he sit when you say “sit!”?

Imagine a pet who heels when you say heel, fetches when you say fetch. Who comes minus the messy cleanup and exorbitant veterinarian bills.

Unreal? Sort of. MicroPets, “the world’s smallest collectible interactive pets,” are the latest kid-cult fave. Made by the creators of Pokémon (who else?), the one-inch techie toys are designed for ages five and up but are getting snapped up by grown-up control freaks. Pets respond to Master’s voice and obey as many as eighteen different commands: sit, walk, talk, zigzag. They even sing, play, and interact with one other. And MicroPets are ready from the package. No complicated directions or pricey obedience school.

Fluffy is cute, but can she do all that?

Available online at kbtoys.com. Obsessed? Get pet profiles, games, tips, and more online at micro-pets.com.