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He Fall Down and Go Boom!

So little, so fragile. So clueless about the ouchies.

They wail over a minor scrape and giggle when they crash into a tree (as Mommy speed-dials the E.R.). Who knew you’d need a medical degree to keep your kid in one piece? The good news? Kids are incredibly resilient. (Then again, they don’t know any better.) The better news? You can trick them into extra protection.


In the form of knee pads, charmingly designed by David Kirk, the writer and illustrator behind the beloved Miss Spider books. His new line, Sunny Patch, features not only house and garden gear (pails, watering cans, sprinklers, rockers) but — the godsend — Green Bug and Ladybug knee pads. Perfect for sports or just as insulation against the living-room floor. Your little terrors won’t even realize they’re for safety.

But don’t be surprised if they refuse to wear those ugly old bike helmets.

Available at Target stores nationwide. Other Sunny Patch products available online at target.com.