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Silver Linings

Just when you thought your childhood lunch box couldn’t get any cooler (it just fetched a year’s worth of milk money on eBay), along comes the Little Silver Box to one-up your hipness.

The latest in lunch boxes is personalization. Yes, now you can send your little one off with a lunchbox designed with snapshot of a puppy, a family photo, a reproduction of a collage she made, the answers to next week’s math test — anything you think would make a day at school just a little better.

They come in classic rectangular or circular, and provide enough room for the balanced lunch: juice box, PB&J, raisins, or mixed sashimi platter and green-tea cookies. The wee generation likes nothing more than to proclaim its individuality. Here’s a healthy way to do it.

Just don’t forget an apple for the teacher.

Available online at littlesilverbox.com.