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All the World's a Fortress

Don’t play innocent with us.

Admit it. Just now, while looking at your beloved child, the supposed light of your life, the word monster popped into your head.

In your defense, he did just attempt to erect a Pisa-esque tower out of your grandmother’s Wedgwood.

Now, now. The kid’s not a monster. He’s just a frustrated architect in need of some appropriate materials. SquashBlox should do the trick. Made from colorful construction cushions that fit into one another to form castles, trains, rockets, or whatever else your child dreams up, these are building blocks guaranteed not to hurt your kid or others when toppling. Sure beats a cardboard box and sheets (not to mention china). With a little imagination, SquashBlox can become anything at all, which means your budding Frank Gehry will be occupied for hours.

See? From monster to budding Frank Gehry in seconds.

Available online at squashblox.com.