Can't Buy Me Love

We know. Being single on Valentine’s Day is rough.

But try dealing with the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart. How to figure out what to give? Well, it depends how long you’ve been together.

Under Three Months
A little-known fact: A date, some kissing, and returned calls do not equal a relationship. Unless they are really and truly the One, you’re better off spending the evening with your (loving and loyal) friends. Still, you’ll want to be festive, so feed your appetite for love by serving it up in Le Creuset’s heart-shaped casserole dish. Feed the collective sweet tooth with a Real Chocolate recipe from London chocolatier and author Chantal Coady.


Three to Six Months
You’re so in love you can’t keep your hands off each other. More power to you. Bring on the cheese and the bad poetry! Send the card from iomoi.com, but don’t let the words arrive empty-handed. Flowerbud (877-524-5400, flowerbud.com) will send the most amazing tulips, lilies, or roses straight from the greenhouse to your sweetie (wherever she may be). Heck, go the flowers and chocolate route with beautiful MarieBelle treats.


Six Months to a Year
Face it: Not living together sucks. There’s nothing worse than living out of an overnight bag. Make the schlep easier for her with a lingerie bag she can stash in one of your drawers. Spruce up the bathroom with lucious beauty products from Kaya. And while you’re at it, put a lovely Baies candle from Diptyque on the bedside table. Look, you’ve nested! The walk of shame will become a walk of style when she totes her morning-after clothes in a Joy & Jake Retro Travel Case. As for him — keep fresh boxers on the ready, and tease his vanity with a floating-hula-girl toothbrush. (And stop using his products to shave your legs!)

so sleek! so classic!

One Year
Walking around in your underwear has become the norm. Ladies, jazz things up a bit with a sexy getup from Agent Provocateur. Can’t pull off racy lingerie? Saks has tamer options. Gents should trash the plaid PJs mom bought and slip into some cotton lounge pants from Banana Republic. His unkempt feet really need a pedicure, but they’ll settle for a pair of Ugg Scuffette slippers.

sexy! so cute!

Two to Four Years
Ante upped. Time to start speaking the language of jewelry. Aurora Lopez-Mejia’s baubles say the words you’re having commitment issues with (love and bliss). She’ll love Jennifer Porter’s delights. Send him a reminder that time is tick-tick-ticking away with Casio’s camera watch. (Load it with pictures of you. Keep it clean. Or not.) Or send an altogether different message with a monogrammed Tiffany money clip.

so pretty! so psycho!

Five Years Plus
No rock yet? Try an attention-grabbing alternative like Ara Vartanian’s oversize gem ring. For him, engrave anything you want on a pair of cuff links. Or forget flashy. Get a personalized puzzle with a picture of the two of you. (You are so darn cute!)

so pretty! so sleek!

And my, how well you complete each other.