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Welcome to the Jungle

The next time peewee asks for a puppy, promise him a lion instead.

Or a panda. Or a camel. Or a giraffe.

No, not for the backyard. (Oh, the mess! Who is going to walk the thing?) For the walls.

Jeeto’s collection of silk-screened hangings transform any bedroom into an artistic jungle. The concept is deliriously simple: playful line drawings of animals on brightly colored backgrounds. There are ten animals to choose from, each available in two sizes. One portrait makes a statement. Several — a row of rhinos, a triptych of turtles — is a look. Like Warhol meets Granimals.

Tempted to hang them in the living room? Completely understandable.

But will it clash with the zebra-striped rug?

Available by calling 818-347-1905. To view the collection, go to jeeto.com.