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Tongue Twister

Blame Listerine for inventing those (okay, really useful and wonderfully potent) breath strips. Blame everyone else for wanting to cash in on a good thing.

Don’t blame the kiddies for wanting their own version. But — hello, they’re ten — what do they know from bad breath? They just like the packaging.

Jakks Pacific, creator of Tongue Tape, is bringing it home to the candy store. Sugar-free and available in wacky flavors like Blue Ratsberry, Growlin’ Grape, and Cherry Pit Stop, Tongue Tape may not freshen breath, but it will turn a mouth blue, purple, and red. (Honestly, a much better trick.) Strips dissolve instantly, which means there’s no time for the candy to get stuck on, oh, the upholstery or in hair.

You can get Tongue Tape packaged with its own carrying case to wear around the neck or on a zipper for easy portability.

Which might make the Listerine strips in your purse green with envy.

Available at Target stores nationwide. To find the Target nearest you, go to target.com.