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Over Easy

There’s a reason your kid takes so many naps. Those educational toys you give him are bo-ring.

What are you thinking, expecting him to conjugate French verbs before he learns ABCs? Look, there’s nothing wrong with wanting little ones to explore their potential. But — come on, superparent — playtime should be fun. Especially when it comes to music. Skip the piano and flute lessons. Toss junior an egg instead.

LP RhythMix Egg Shakers may look like simple plastic ovals but are actually real instruments similar to those used by percussionists. Specially designed to nurture young talent, they come in lively colors and are filled with non-toxic steel shot. Making them a snap for tiny hands.

You get to kick back and enjoy the performance. So much more soothing than the banging of pots and pans.

Available online at littlehandsmusic.com.