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Set a Trip on Memory Bliss

Top signs you were a child of the ’80s:

1. Favorite toy: He-Man and She-Ra
2. Preferred mode of transportation: Big Wheel
3. Uniform of choice: parachute pants
4. Dream date: An evening with Knight Rider or Punky Brewster would be worth your entire collection of Garbage Pail Kids.

Good news for the nostalgic: It’s the Reagan era all over again. Move over Chicken Dance Elmo, Tender Heart Bear is back.

So what’s new about the old?

Miss Strawberry Shortcake got herself a makeover. Traded those goofy green-and-white-striped tights for stylish blue jeans. (Some things never change: She still reeks of strawberry goodness.) Miss Thing and her posse of dolls (go Pupcake, go Pupcake!) have been relaunched and even have a berry fun official Website to go with it. (Available at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide.)

so yummy smelling!

Other incredibly-annoying-in-every-decade comeback kids include the Care Bears (not new, just back) and the Cabbage Patch Kids. CPKs actually never went away. The news now is that Toys “R” Us is shilling a new collection that are more akin to the original squishy faces than anything since. (Available online at cabbagepatchkids.com.)

so squishy!

With twelve new horsies and two new play sets on the way later this year, every little girl can now have her My Little Pony.

so fun!

Remember heroes in the half-shell? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles renegotiated their animated TV deal. Find them Saturday mornings on the Fox Box. Get the newly designed action figures with authentic ninja weapons. Cowabunga, dude. (Available online at kbtoys.com.)

so badass!

More boy toys: Transformers. The robots in disguise are still as easy to manipulate as ever. (Available at kbtoys.com.)


Speaking of manipulative boys, Double Fudge is Judy Blume’s latest installment in the Fudge series — the first in twelve years. Fudge may be frozen in time at six (what anti-aging secret did he stumble upon?), but he’s not too young to discover the value of money (so very 2003 of him). (Available online at booksoup.com.)

love fudge!

Hold the brownies. Put that Easy-Bake Oven to better use: Shrinky Dinks! Pint-size Picassos should turn their designs into pendants, pins, key chains, and magnets. (Available at scholastic.com.)

shrinky dinks!

Now you can reminisce about your glory days without torturing your kids with tattered hand-me-downs. Buying new beats battling ’80s enthusiasts in online auctions.

Not enough of a walk down memory lane? You’re on your own to explore 80schildren.com then. We can only handle so much.