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Sugar Rush

Aw. Your little girl is growing up. How ever could you tell?

Has she traded Nickelodeon for TRL? Decided boys no longer have cooties? (That huge crush on Justin Timberlake is a dead giveaway.) And mysteriously, your fave Chanel lipstick has gone missing.

No need to send out a search party for Red No 5. She’s just experimenting with the Sephora that is your makeup bag. Help her (and more importantly, you) ease the tinted transition with Candy Cosmetics, flavored beauty products packaged in well-known candy brands.

There’s Blow Pop nail polish. Sugar Babies body shimmer. A veritable candy store of lip glosses: Twizzler, Tootsie Roll, Sugar Daddy, Junior Mints, Pez, and Jelly Belly cosmetics bags for stashing.

Your future Cover Girl gets to stay the kid she is. You can exhale that she won’t be showing up for soccer practice looking like Tammy Faye.

At least not for another few years.

Available nationwide at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Limited Too; and online at claires.com.