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Tee for Two

Designers love to knock themselves off. Calvin’s CK, Marc’s Marc, Donna’s DKNY.

Even more efficient: baby clothes. Smaller versions, higher prices. Gucci’s pint-size mink and leather coats. Juicy’s tiny velour sweat suits.

The latest to hit the Romper Room scene? James Perse, the Los Angeles T-shirt titan.

James Baby, a cute-as-can-be line for infants and toddlers, offers mini interpretations of his soft tees, sweatshirts, and cargo pants, as well as just-for-kids jumpers, blankets, and hats. The togs are so comfortable your kid will love them as much as you love yours.

Let’s just hope Louis Vuitton doesn’t go tiny next. Monogrammed diapers are just a bit too-too, dontcha think?

Available online at trendycloset.com. To find the retail locations nearest you, go to jamesperse.com.