"Living" in Oblivion

You are to crafting what Molly Ringwald is to the ’80s teen flick.

The reigning monarch. The standard by which all others are judged. The person most likely to be wearing something she made herself.

Of course, even an expert needs the occasional tip. (Heaven forbid you get caught in a DIY dilemma.) Website Not Martha is the place to go for knitting projects (“a vegan fox for my mom”), recipes (“bath bombs or fizzies, whatever”), even JELL-O fruit wedges. And, on the off chance that you are to crafting what Molly Ringwald is to, say, politics, there are plenty of options for your average bored cubicle dweller. Marble magnets! Tiny piñatas! As well as a slew of great DIY home beauty recipes.

No products to buy. Just shared wisdom, a cool site, and plenty of bonding with like-minded people.

The Breakfast Club for crafters, if you will.

For ideas, go to megan.scatterbrain.org. Find supplies at most local craft stores or at createforless.com.