Postcards from the Hedge

Oh, sure. Nature’s okay.

But nature plus a pair of garden shears? Now you’re talkin’.

Topiary, the ancient art of bending greenery to one’s will, is the garden trend to watch this season. Equally appropriate at a Roman monastery and poolside at the sleekest hotel, it’s a fun, inexpensive, and relatively easy way to add some classy kitsch to your lawn. (And it’s a definite step up from the garden gnome.)

To get started, you’ll need a chicken-wire frame. We like the options (and the vibe) at Yardzoo.com — plus, it provides instructions and advice on various plants and their relative merits. Forms to choose from include the basic swan and dolphin, farm animals (love the pig), and the oh-so-postmodern cactus.

A plant trimmed into the shape of another plant — trippy!

Available at yardzoo.com.