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Feet Cute

In the realm of words, few are as overused as cute.

Guys use it to describe girls, girls use it to describe guys, and far too many use it to describe Justin Timberlake. In other words, heavy rotation has dulled the word’s power considerably.

So when we saw Kiss My Feet’s new hand-painted Dr. Scholl’s sandals for kids, we were at a loss. Cute just didn’t do them justice. The grown-up versions were adorable enough; in the smaller, daintier incarnation, they could elicit coos from Donald Rumsfeld on a bad day. Hearts, flowers, bunnies, sailboats, berries, animal prints, and — our favorite — turtles are depicted in vibrant colors that match and complement the famously adjustable leather straps. Equally appropriate at the beach and at a birthday party, they’re the perfect summer shoe for little ones of all ages.

Adults, meanwhile, will continue to search in vain for the words to describe just how cute they are.

Available online at kissmyfeet.com.