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Gnaw on This

The little bundle of love was just starting to sleep through the night when …

He grew teeth.

Your newest family member is becoming less of a miracle and more of a migraine. Okay, okay, it’s in pain, but what’s with the incessant crying, which is immune to all manner of rocking, singing, feeding, and cooing? Does he have any idea how hard it is to do all that half awake, covered in curlers? (Slight embellishment on the hair.)

Mother needs a better little helper. A Kammi doll ought to do the trick. The terry-cloth teething aids are clown-shaped, make rattling sounds (oooh, added distraction), and come in fun colors. Here’s how they work: Wet the ends of the knots, and toss Kammi in the freezer. Even the most difficult teether will love sinking his soon-to-be-teeth into the cooling knots.

If that doesn’t work, hand the job over to pop, take two, and go to bed. You need sleep. Look at your hair, for crying out loud.

Available online at perfectlysafe.com.