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Stick 'Em Up

It’s a common parenting conundrum: You can commit to a baby but not the decor.

Really, there are only so many of us who can stomach peach blush and happy-cloud blue. A more fun alternative? Wall Candy, peel-and-stick wall art that can easily be affixed to any room in the house and removed just as effortlessly. The cheery cutouts can be rearranged countless times in as many scenes, and they’ll never strip the paint or wallpaper.

The cutest patterns: Grazeland, a farm panorama that would make Old MacDonald proud, complete with cows, bunnies, chicks, a big red barn, a tractor, and enough green to make a pasture and rolling hills. Boboo Cars contains a lot (get it?) of bright cars, trucks, and buses just itching for a traffic jam. They may drive you up the wall, but you won’t mind.

This is one sticky situation even design snobs will welcome.

To see styles go to wallcandyarts.com. To purchase go to totshop.com.