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Hook, Latch, and Stitcher

Good taste. You’re either born with it or you’re not. Those without can disguise their lack thereof by reveling in all things kitsch.

In fact, as long as the tacky yet disturbingly alluring eye-catcher is not a velvet painting of a crying clown, it could even be a fun arts-and-crafts diversion.

Case in point: latch-hook. The ’70s yarn projects are back, with a new patina of indie cool. (Don’t pretend you didn’t make rugs, pillows, and wall hangings in your day. But don’t admit you kept them.) New pillow kits come in seven happy designs (star, ladybug, and rainbow, among others) and are as easy as paint by numbers. All the kids have to do is match the yarn to the color on the pattern, wrap the strings around the hook, and pull. Totally dummy-proof.

And absolutely engrossing. (Read: They’ll be quiet for hours.)

Which makes latch-hook simply perfect for that critical stage of development between Shrinky Dinks and knitting.

Available online at wishingfish.com.