Dearest Mommies

Mothers. So damn needy.

Of course, now’s not really the time to complain. Rather, it’s the time to fulfill those needs to the best of your ability. We’ve covered the bases. (Minus the obligatory phone call. Memo to self?)

For her accessory appetite
Timi & Leslie’s charming bags look mom-like in a totally undowdy way — even more so paired with not-so-classic pearl earrings.

love these!

For her sanity
Smythson of Bond Street’s new yellow notebooks and organizers will have her jotting down all her important info in style.

so classy!

For her brain
The mere sight of these books on the bedside table will delight her: Venetian Stories by Jane Turner Rylands delves into secret lives in Venice. Chandler Burr’s The Emperor of Scent provides thrilling insight into the mystery of perfume.

read for fun!

For her vanity
Stop giving her grief. Yes, she looks fine, but let her primp! Spare her the pricey in-office treatments, and give her the at-home Dermanew system or Sonya Dakar’s botox-in-a-bottle. Fresh’s Creme Ancienne combines ancient Greek secrets with modern science.

no aging for ma!

For her senses
Sound: She’ll feel hip and you won’t be embarrassed when she plays new tunes from Pete Yorn’s latest, Day I Forgot. Another sure bet is Fleetwood Mac’s Say You Will.

rock out!

Smell: Red Flower candles may be yesterday’s news to you, but mom will thrill to their scents.

yummy smells!

Taste: The ice-cream man has nothing on FedEx’d yumminess from Crème Cremaillere. What mom could pass up flavors like Chocolat Suzette and Crème Brulee?

yummy in the tummy!

Sight: Flowers aren’t usually a surprise on Mother’s Day, but they are when Flowerbud delivers calla lilies to her doorstep.

so pretty!

Touch: Warm and soothe those worn-out tootsies with fragrant, cozy lavender booties and wrap. Remind her of all the hugs you’ve ever given her with Alberto Mantilla’s adorable hugging salt and pepper shakers.

love these!

For her green thumb
Gardening’s fun and all, but only when there’s plenty of sitting involved. Get her a gardener seat and tool caddy. If she’s more of an indoor type, Fred Flare’s adorable Mini Gardening Kit will do the trick.

make gardening fun

For her bedroom
What Mom isn’t overextended? She’ll be inspired to spend more time asleep if she can wear supercute Cherry Pie PJs and curl up in a comf blanket.

so cozy!

She’ll have sweet dreams about you.