Soap Dish

You can stop anytime you want. Really.

Yet your actions tell a different story. You called in sick just to watch that “very special episode” of Days of our Lives. You stood up a lunch date in order to catch Sharon and Nick’s fiery reunion on Y&R.

Um, how to put this? You’re a soap addict. As many a full-time parent and work-from-homer will tell you, you’re not alone. If crack were TV, it’d be daytime drama. But don’t let it ruin your life. Sign up for SoapCity’s new online service that allows you to download episodes of Days, The Young and the Restless, and As the World Turns and watch them, commercial-free, at your leisure. Pay by the episode, or get the all-access, flat-fee-per-month plan (which is probably a better bet for late-stage junkies like yourself).

Oh, quit denying it. Don’t you know that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem?

Available online at soapcity.com.