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Tote-al Talent

There’s no question about it: She’s her mother’s daughter. She’s got a keener eye for fashion than any kindergartener. She can tell Celine from Chanel. Petit Bateau from Mon Petit Oiseau. Just last week she noted that Barbie needed a new stylist.

Artistic? You bet. But come craft time, she snubs her nose at puffy paint and macaroni necklaces. She longs for a creative outlet — one with style, inspiration, and utility.

How about a bag to call her own? When hand-me-downs just won’t do, put your little designing wonder to work with the Wandix Make-a-Bag kit. Embossed foam-rubber parts, satin thread, and a kid-safe, blunt-edge plastic needle are just the tools your little Kate Spade needs to assemble a terrific tote.

While she’s plugging away, you need to figure out how to protect yourselves from knockoff artists.

After all, don’t you think she’d get just a wee bit miffed if she saw her creations being sold on a street corner?

Available online at totshop.com.