Crapper's Delight

The human race simply refuses to let things be merely functional.

Doghouses, cars, shoes, toothbrushes: all victims of the drive to hyperdesign. And now the most seemingly functional of all household items has been caught up in the frenzy. The humble toilet seat. As outraged as the mere thought might make you, a quick gander at these adorned pinup beauties and you’ll be hard-pressed to resist such a needless ornamentation.

Why, you ask yourself. Why do I need this?

Because, answers the toilet seat, because.

Superfluous though it may be, the seat’s allure is too great, its siren song just loud enough to drown out the objections of your superego. You know, somewhere deep inside, that this pointless piece of frippery will find its way into your heart and your bathroom.

Right next to the monogrammed toilet paper and designer shower curtain.

Available online at kikiskc.com.