Waxing Poetic

You recycle your Evian empties, can’t get enough of organic chocolate, and only bathe with products that aren’t tested on animals. Who says you’re not doing your part to save the planet?

Bad news: That eco-friendly stance may be more about hedonism than helping.

Relax, sweet pea. Eco-enlightenment is all about baby steps. Conservation can be as easy as, say, lighting a candle.

Soya Love Candles actually nurture the Earth. Made with soybean wax, they’re pesticide-free and support farmers. And a portion of the profits is donated to ovarian-cancer research. Do-gooding aside, the packaging is gosh-darn pretty, and scents include freesia-lavender, jasmine, and something called oasis (especially popular with men).

Hate candle mess? Not a problem: Drips wash away with soap and water.

Candles with a conscience. Who can’t light up to that?

Available online at soyalovecandles.com.