Wrapper's Delight

Can nothing be done to stop the overachieving gift wrappers of the world?

Off they go with their handmade paper and matching ribbon, making the rest of us look bad as we scrape by with found materials (how many copies of W magazine will have to die?) and unsuitable prints. (Hon, we don’t know how to say this: Those aren’t Santas. They’re birthday elves!)

Time to level the playing field. Eiei-o’s snazzy new line of high-design wrapping paper allows anyone to masquerade as a top-notch gifter.

The first step: Quit eyeing yesterday’s newspaper. (And unless the present is a casserole, aluminum foil is a definite no-no.) Next choose one of eiei-o’s 24 hip, artsy patterns, which feature clean, minimalist lines and madcap shapes. Available in 20-by-27-inch sheets or rolls of two, Eiei-o’s papers can make even the most half-assed last-minute gift look like a winner. What’s more, none of the styles is occasion-specific, so they’re all always appropriate.

Because face it: Santa comes but once a year, and it usually isn’t when Mom decides to have her birthday.

To see swatches, go to eieiostudio.com. To purchase, go to katespaperie.com.