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Gotcha. Orange-handed.

Look. All we’re saying is that someone left a nasty trail of Cheetos dust all over the keyboard.

Who can blame you? No one can resist those little fluorescent buggers, despite the fact that nature seems to have had no hand whatsoever in their creation.

Far be it from us to plug mass-market junk food (especially after the Veggie Booty fat-gram scandal), but you’ll be pleased to know that Frito Lay has found a way to make an organic version of the puffy treat. The new Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs are made with organic cornmeal and have no artificial colors or flavorings. No monosodium glutamate, no yellow no. 6.

The taste? Addictive as ever. Which is probably why the calorie count remains the same. So while they’re not exactly health food, they’re definitely a wiser choice. And the residue is far less messy — and less incriminating — than that of the old-school version.

You know, that white powder could be anything.

Available at your local supermarket. For more information, go to snacknatural.com.