The Ten Spot

You know what they say.

Live every day like there’s no tomorrow.
See infinity in a grain of sand.
And hoard every ten bucks as if it’s your last.

Unless, of course, it really is your last. (Hey, you never know in this economy.) In which case spend it on something really, really cool. Got a Hamilton burning a hole in your pocket? Some things you might consider trading it for:

For starters, pour yourself a nice fat cocktail. And sip it in style with some pink elephant coasters and creative cups and mugs.

love this!

Drink in hand, you need a smoke. Er, we take that back. If you haven’t kicked the habit, the anti-tobacco activists can’t oust you onto the curb for puffing on these candies.

puff away!

Not so good with moderation? If you have one too many, Aromapharmacy’s “hungover” candle and some Alka-Seltzer could do you good.

the cure!

And how could you forget? The frugal life needs a soundtrack. A great classic for less than ten big ones: Prince’s Purple Rain.

let's go crazy!

One can work up an appetite, being so ingeniously thrifty. Serve supper on this way cool TV tray and catch up on some TiVo.

eat and watch!

Leftovers? Stash them in a colorful translucent Chinese-takeout box.

so chic!

Don’t get stingy. Share the wealth with luxurious truffle treats for your four-legged friend. Six bucks for a four-pack. (Sparky has always had great taste.)

treats for sparky!

Searching for life’s big answers? Money can’t buy them. But a dandy Hello Kitty flashlight may help you on your hunt.

go, kitty, go!

And while you’re living so large, don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers (um, in a can).

purty flowers!

Or indulge the fantasy: Vacation … All I ever wanted. Vacation … Have to get away. Ain’t it the truth. Pack up your beach belongings in Old Navy’s floral canvas tote.

cheap & cheerful!

You’ve got the bag covered. How ‘bout you? The Newport News BYOB collection of swim separates is cheap but not made so. For ten bucks a pop, you can mix and match a sleek, durable bikini in an array of splashy solids.

cheap & cute!

But before you get carried away, remember: A penny saved is a penny … not spent. What better home for your leftover change than this cute coin purse by Fred Flare?

so cute!

So go on. Because you know what they say: You gotta spend money to make money.