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Cinderella in Training

This item comes with a warning label: Choose wisely the habits you instill in your young ones at their most impressionable age.

All it takes is one expensive pair of shoes and — dang! — they’re spoiled for life. So think carefully before you splurge on Ferragamo’s new collection of shoes for kids.

They’re just like the ones you wear, only smaller. Lulu will look so lovely in the Audrey, a miniature version of the classic slipper that Signore Salvatore designed for Miss Hepburn. And Jamie Jr. might topple with glee when he notices that his loafers have that signature buckle, just like Daddy’s! The shoes hit stores nationwide in early July, but if you simply must guarantee yoursef a pair, they’re taking special orders now. But think of the example you’re setting. Wait lists. The thrill of paying too much for something so ephemeral. (What gives out faster than kids’ shoes?)

Whatever. You’ve been warned.

As for whether or not you want your child to resemble you so closely, well, that’s between your vanity issues and your shrink.

To place an advance order, call Salvatore Ferragamo at 800-628-8916. To see styles, click here.