Fact or Fiction?

“Well, to be honest, I’ve been reading a great deal of Dostoyevsky lately …”

Leaning forward in her chair, she reaches a willowy arm across the table for what appears to be a book.

Heavens to Dante! (Or whatever. You never could get the story straight.) But wait! A glimmer of hope! She reaches into her book (!) and procures a tiny cell phone. That serious-looking hardcover is, in fact, a darling little bag.

Whether or not you’re wrapped up in the pursuit of higher learning, you too can carry this witty accessory. The geniuses at La Voleuse (French for “female thief,” natch!) have created the cutest clutch of them all, appliquéing a delicate white flower on the green cover — making it chic as well as deceptive.

So now you can flirt with that fetching guy at the bookstore with the confidence of a Comp Lit Ph.D.

Just make sure your cell phone doesn’t ring.

Available online at mightyflirt.com.